Thanks for joining us! In our world today, there are so many distractions. It is easy to lose focus on our relationship with Christ. What we feed our mind with is very important. It is good to have family devotion, personal prayer time and devoted bible study. But after all that, what are we feeding our minds with? What are our children feeding their minds with? After all we are social beings… Read More

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Hi Family, Singing uplifts the soul! Singing has tremendous health benefits. Why not sing a song of hope today? For the week ahead we would like to share more words of encouragement with you in song.

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Hi family, For a brief moment think about a glass that has water poured half way into it. Is this glass really half way full or is it half way empty? For some they believe it is half way empty. They look at the short-comings. They compare things with the ideal and just can’t seem to be happy unless everything is absolutely perfect. They look at the negatives, the drawbacks the gap… Read More

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Family, Last week we looked at the tremendous benefits of singing and we sang about God’s amazing love! For the week ahead we would like to share some more words of encouragement with you in song. We want you to remember that your life is in God’s hands. Have a great week! Remember to donate to the cause. Blessings! Psalms 121:7 Psalms 96:2 Get My Very Own Bible Reading Calendar

Family, You see family, sin came with complications. Similar to the items in the grocery store or supermarket sin has a price tag. The price, penalty or payment required for sin is death. Stay with me, don’t lose this point. To pay in full we would have to die. Without any plan of payment all hope would be lost! But something happened family. Mercy said no! Jesus died on the cross and… Read More