Hi Family, Singing uplifts the soul! Singing has tremendous health benefits. Why not sing a song of hope today? For the week ahead we would like to share more words of encouragement with you in song.

My Recharge Spot has now been officially launched!

Family, Singing uplifts the soul. We covered some of the awesome health benefits of singing in week 1. This week we want to share some more words of hope in song with you.

No matter what life throws at you there is still hope. We understand that we are all our brother’s and sister’s keeper and so we have created a support system to share words of encouragement with you. If you experience any difficulty after selecting read more above please let us know .

The year 2020 has gone down in history as one of the most memorable years for many. This year has been filled with many surprises, for some pain, some frustration, others miracles or for some life lessons.This year has been quite a race so far.

God is amazing…

We serve a mighty God..

Hi family, Are you charged up? For many of us using our smart phones have become apart of our daily routine. Some receive a mini heart attack when their battery power runs low and some simply cant go anywhere without having their charger close by. The batteries need power in order to keep running. This allows us to use our favourite apps or simply to make a call that might be urgent…. Read More


Hi family, For a brief moment think about a glass that has water poured half way into it. Is this glass really half way full or is it half way empty? For some they believe it is half way empty. They look at the short-comings. They compare things with the ideal and just can’t seem to be happy unless everything is absolutely perfect. They look at the negatives, the drawbacks the gap… Read More